Our goal is "Empowering Decision MakersSM.

Profit Optimization Strategies (POS) is a global association of experts in all of the disciplines that optimize demand and profits using both traditional as well as some new methods. We have “C” level expertise in marketing, CRM, customer analytics, loyalty, revenue management (RM), pricing, distribution, predictive analytics and optimization.

One of our differences, is that we truly integrate these disciplines/areas, their strategies and their day to day operations into one focused approach based on new concepts and analytics. Today many of these areas exist as silos inside companies that are not optimally integrated to nurture the lifetime strategic value of each customer. Each area has its own analytics and its own reason for interacting with the same customer.

We have very unique credentials which you can see by selecting the “associates “ button.

One of our new concepts is a model that predicts the future behavior, or “lifecycle”, of individual customers. These predictions are used to drive a new integrated, analytically supported and dynamic “customer centric profit optimizationsm” (CCPO) approach to optimizing the lifetime value of each customer. CCPO integrates marketing, CRM, loyalty, distribution, revenue management,, pricing etc.

http://www.authorstream.com/stevepinchuk/Customer-Centric/ and the “papers” page of this website have  new narrated PowerPoints and articles on our new one to one predictive behavioral marketing that is enabled by this patent pending concept.

CCPO applies to many industries including travel, hospitality, retail, entertainment, finance/banking, telecommunications, energy, broadcasting or any industry that can track customers and communicate with them. This concept of tracking and predicting the lifetime behavior of each customer can also apply to the supply side of the business.

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