How is POS Different?

Sharing new ideas

Our Approach

Smaller companies and new industries are welcome



1. Sharing new ideas

  • POS publishes many of its ideas on public sources. We feel that we do not know everything and readers can assist us in refining ideas.
  • There have been many cases where we post what we know are new ideas. Then a potential client calls us ans says other consultants say they are also doing the same thing. Please remember that you can get an original or an is your choice.


We are independent

  • Our hourly rate can be about the same as that of a senior analyst at a large consulting company...
  • We do not represent just one company's philosophy, approach or systems.
    • We can work with you to buy other systems or build a system for you.
    • We find the best tools for your needs, instead of having to sell you the one set of tools that we have.
  • Many of us have had to build our own systems when we worked in leading companies because no one had what we needed.
    • However, we have also bought existing systems where it made sense.

You need to have options, not be forced to use one approach or set of tools.

We will work on a team approach 
  • We have assisted other consulting companies with their projects.
  • POS does not have to be the project leader.
  • Talk to us and let us show you how we can work together. We have the experience your clients want.

 We give you more choice and save you money

  • Because we do not have a set staff
    • You are not forced to take whoever is leftover, and not currently working
    • Our rates do not bear the burden of fixed overhead
  • When POS Associates bid on a project, they bid on work they will get without any marketing and sales effort.
  • POS passes our Associates lower rates along to our clients.

Because we are flexible you get better results

We are businessmen, not consultants or technocrats

  • We create technology that fits a need, not solutions by themselves, which are then forced to fit your business.
  • We have been in senior management at top companies - POS is not run by experts without business education or any real hands on work experience

We know what you need and what your challenges are. We have been in your position before.


We have developed and protected new concepts

  • Customer Centric Profit Optimization is a new name for our patent pending concept for changing and optimizing a very large multidisciplinary area that will directly impact your future profits.
  • Shouldn't you be certain you know all the possibilities before making a decision, instead of just the information one vendor wants to give to you - probably about their products?
  • Can you afford to not benefit from this knowledge?


3. Smaller Companies and new industries are welcome

Do you need help and cannot pay the fees large companies are paying for consulting? Up to now if you were a medium or smaller business, instead of an international giant, or you did not know exactly what you wanted - you had no one to help you. If your pockets are not deep, or if you want professional, unbiased help to look around and discover and then analyze all the options available to you, existing RM companies do not want your business. Existing RM firms want to resell their existing RM code at high prices.

    While there may be only minor modifications needed for each application, many RM consulting firms will only work on "custom projects", so each new client must pay again for a whole new development project on core models which are already developed.

    You can apply CCPO theories without having all the systems and data gained from expensive models. The results will not be as good as they could be with the models, but the results will be far better than not applying CCPO at all. Many consultants will not work on manual methods if you cannot buy a "system."


4. Academics

  • POS has developed a special relationship with the academic community.
  • Steve is on the Revenue Management Advisory Board at Cornell University in both the US and Singapore
  • Several Universities have purchased copies of my briefings to use in their graduate level training courses.
  • Several faculties now have copies of my briefings on their web sites.
  • POS is working with Professors at several major Universities on new models and approaches.

POS is excited at the mutual opportunities these relationships can offer both parties. Please contact me for more information about what is planned.

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