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Many of these briefings were written for oral presentations, with the text supplemented by vital oral information and examples. Using this material without understanding the background, and the information intended to be added orally, will create poor results. POS can take these technical areas and techniques and apply them to your world, in your language in a way that makes sense to you.

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POS created the new term Customer Centric Profit Optimizationsm (CCPO) to describe this new approach. A new Customer Centric Profit Optimization for companies 9paper describing this has been published on several web sites. Narrated Power Point presentations describe the unique one to one marketing and customer nurturing that this process allows.

Steve has been on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management since it began over 10 years ago. Go to the Journal’s home page and search for “pinchuk” in the search box in the upper right hand section of the page to view his many articles. The Journal is an international selection of academics and leading executives who practice and do research in Revenue Management, pricing and its associated marketing.

An article explaining RM's background, tools and how RM and/or Total Demand OptimizationTM impacts and why it is beginning to control marketing, pricing and product development decisions in many companies with advanced RM and/or Total Demand OptimizationTM applications. It is titled Revenue Management, Marketing, Pricing & Product Development. This article explains the background and functions of RM and/or Total Demand OptimizationTM and discusses how this information can be used to revolutionize marketing, pricing and product development.

Revenue Management Theory, Implementation and Pricing (164 pages) POS has given similar briefings, as a full day event for SR Management or workers, at many top companies. This seminar is a good first step in understanding RM and/or Total Demand OptimizationTM and assuring everyone uses the same RM and/or Total Demand OptimizationTM words and means the same things. POS has given similar briefings, as a full day event for SR Management or workers, at many top companies. This seminar is a good first step in understanding

How RM and/or Total Demand OptimizationTM Applies To Your Business A briefing given at the EyeforTransport seminars in Amsterdam March 2002. The briefing gives a brief explanation of what RM and/or Total Demand OptimizationTM is and how it can apply to all industries including examples for shipping, freight and similar industries

Revenue Management and it's Application to Different Industries This briefing was given at the CNN Center in Atlanta Georgia.


Data Warehousing

A briefing with diagrams showing how data warehousing is used and its relationship to other areas like revenue management. This example shows airline applications useful in many industries including travel


WSJ Page One- August, 2001 Retailers Attempt to Get a Leg Up On Markdowns With New Software

Building Blockbuster Business Can revenue management land a starring role in the movie theater industry?                 MS Today   - June 2001 By Robert Oberwetter



Revenue Management Systems Must Have or Luxury? Special Report

Revenue Management Isn't New But it is Importantby Kirby D. Payne, CHA , October, 1997 Hotel Online


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